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I am Dr. Shilpa Rita Mathew here to share my knowledge and motivate people through self-improvement. My mission is to make you feel less alone and encourage you to live your life to the fullest.

Let us learn and grow together.

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My Adages My Thoughts

  • When people share their pain with you, even if you can’t relate to it never allow them to feel inferior. Try to understand the pain, console them and if possible give guidance.
    Always Remember.
    Every pain is a pain. The only point is that some people find pain in the areas where you don’t.
  • Do you make an effort to meet people and interact with them?
    Expanding your social circle will stimulate your mind, increase energy levels and opens up exciting new possibilities.
    It is easy to remain in the same comfortable social circle, but it takes effort to incorporate new people.
    New people
    New perspectives
    New ideas
  • Comparing peoples abilities with one another is inappropriate. Have you felt the same? Comparing the skills of people will only make you left behind. Our thoughts and abilities indeed make us different. Different from each other doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Each of us is called to travel on our own in our own time.

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